All-In-One DNA/RNA/Protein Miniprep Kit

Katalog-Nummer BS88003

Size : 50preps

Marke : Bio Basic

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Telefonnummer : +1 850 650 7790

All-In-One DNA/RNA/Protein Miniprep Kit (Cell, Tissue, Plant)
Storage: 18 to 25C
Product Description: All-In-One DNA/RNA/Protein Miniprep Kit: All-in-one DNA/RNA/Protein Mini-Preps Kit is designed for the simultaneous extraction of total RNA, genomic DNA, and protein from a single biological sample. DNA, RNA, and protein are isolated without splitting the sample prior to extraction. DNA, RNA, and protein can be isolated from cultured eukaryotic cells, animal and plant tissues. This kit provides an innovative buffer system and a silica-cased column nucleic acid purification technology to separate pure genomic DNA from and total TNA. There is no need for phenol/chloroform extraction. Purified DNA is suile for downstream applications such as Restriction Endonuclease Digestion, PCR and other applications. Isolated total RNA can be used for mRNA isolation, probe generation, RT-PCR, Northern blot analysis, primer extension, RNA protection assay and in vitro translation. Protein is purified in the denatured form with a special buffer(PP Solution) which effectively precipitates protein. After the washing step, the protein pellet is dissolved in PD Solution. The isolated protein is suile for SDS-PAGE, Western Blot analysis, and quantification. The procedure is simple and fast. Genomic DNA, total RNA, and Protein can be isolated in less than 1 hour.
Total Product Size: 50prep
Individual Container Size: 50prep
Number of Containers: 1
Shipping Conditions: RT
UNSPSC Code: 41106510
UNSPSC Category: Protein Purification Kits

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