Protein A Blue Separopore® 4B-MB

Katalog-Nummer 20181042-2

Size : 5mL

Marke : BioWorld

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Applications: Protein A Blue-Separopore® 4B-MB functions same as conventional Protein A affinity beads, but offers enhanced visibility due to blue colored Separopore® macrobeads. The blue colored beads help provide visual monitoring to avoid the accidental loss of beads during pull-down in immunoprecipitation (IP) procedures, thereby increasing efficiency and yield.

  • Affinity matrix with immobilized Protein-A by CNBr activation coupling method.
  • For immunoprecipitation and co-immunoprecipitation experiments.
  • Reliable tool to purify monoclonal and polyclonal IgG from ascites, serum and cell culture supernatants.

Note: Separopore® is a cost-effective equivalent to Sepharose® in all of its physical properties and binding characteristics.



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Storage Temperature




Hazmat Ship



Blue Separopore® 4B-MB (agarose macrobeads, 4%)

Particle Size Range

150 - 265 μm

Matrix Activation

Cyanogen bromide

Binding Capacity

~ 20 mg human IgG / ml drained gel


Supplied as suspension in 0.5M NaCl, 0.02% sodium azide

pH Stability

3 - 9 (for use), 2 - 10 (for cleaning)

Ligand Density

~3 mg Protein-A / ml medium

Molecular Weight Range

6 x 104 - 2 x 107