Protein G MagneZoom™ (Paramagnetic Beads) Kit

Katalog-Nummer 20163011-1

Size : 1mL

Marke : BioWorld

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Telefonnummer : +1 850 650 7790


MagneZoom Protein G (superparamagnetic beads) of average 5 μm in diameter, covalently coated with recombinant Protein G.

Protein G, a bacterial cell wall protein isolated from group G Streptococci, binds to mammalian IgGs mainly through Fc regions. Native Protein G has three IgG binding domains and also the sites for albumin and cell-surface binding. Albumin and cell-surface binding domains have been eliminated from recombinant Protein G to reduce nonspecific binding. Protein G has greater affinity than Protein A for most mammalian IgGs, especially for certain subclasses including human IgG3, mouse IgG1 and rat IgG2a. Unlike Protein A, Protein G does not bind to human IgM, IgD and IgA.

Kit Components:

Protein-G MagneZoom™ (5mg/ml), 1ml

Binding/Wash Buffer

Elution Buffer

Neutralization Buffer

This kit requires MagneZoom paramagnetic bead station (20160000-1) separating beads.


Storage Temperature


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