Vigene Biosciences

 ViGene Biosciences Inc is a genomics tool company that develops cutting-edge, next generation life science research reagents to support high throughput drug discovery and functional genomics.

Using our proprietary technology, the production of adenovirus and other viral vectors has been made much faster and more cost-effective. Our initial goal is to generate a complete set of human and mouse cDNA and shRNAs in adenoviral and lentiviral vectors, and package into ready-to-use viruses.
From the very beginning, we are the largest, premade adenovirus provider in the world. We have produced 1200 human miRNA adenoviruses, and are adding thousands of human full-length ORF adenoviruses each month to our collection. Availability of these ready-to-use viral clones will greatly accelerate functional study of human genes and many aspects of biomedical research.