Celther offers the largest selection of cell culture products. Celther cell lines are available from human sources for research in areas such as: cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes or neurobiology.

Celther cell lines represent an alternative test system useful for toxicological and pharmacological studies. They are well defined and adapted to the determination of cytotoxicity and genotoxicity. Celther consistently achieves the highest standards and uses the most reliable procedures to verify each cell line.

The catalog includes:
  • Genetically modified cell lines for basic research, target validation, drug discovery and development
  • Primary cell lines of human cancers from a wide variety of tissues such as breast, colon, prostate. These cells exhibit original genotypes and phenotypes observed in vivo, and which can not be observed in commercial cell lines.
  • IPSc and IPSc-derived cells
  • Human primary cells
Website: www.celther.com