BPS Biosciences

BPS offers one of the largest selections of unique recombinant proteins and assay kits for epigenetic studies, immune checkpoints, metabolism and cell signaling pathways to improve human health.

Cloning and Expression: BPS Bioscience's Molecular Biology Services team can help you achieve any molecular biology research goal you are trying to achieve. Our gene cloning and site-directed mutagenesis services are often the first step in custom protein expression, analytic development, and custom cell line development projects.

Purification and Protein Modification: Choose BPS Bioscience for your protein, reduction, purification and modification needs. Using our cloning and expression services, the constructs can be optimized for high purity, high performance protein expression. We are also specialized in protein labeling to provide improved products for high quality testing.

Cell line development: Let our experts help you reduce time and complexity with our stable cell line development services. We produce customized cell lines for protein production and compound screening. Our specialty in reporter assays for immune control pathways offers great opportunities for research on co-immunotherapies.

Test Development and Screening Services: Evaluate key compounds with our biochemical and cell screening services. Save time by allowing us to filter your compounds of interest against our unique test panels or to determine IC50 values ​​with our portfolio of hundreds of tests so you can focus on advancing your discovery program of drugs.