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Products for advancing your discoveries

From antibodies to proteins, biochemicals to ELISA kits, Biorbyt's high quality research products are available for you to enable world class research and contribution to a deeper understanding of life sciences.

A comprehensive catalog of life science research products covering the areas of Neuroscience, Signal transduction, Cell Biology, Cancer Metabolism, Cardiovascular and others

Product range :

  • Antibodies
Choose from over 100,000 primary antibodies and over 2,000 secondary antibodies. Monoclonals and polyclonals tested in a number of applications - WB, ELISA, IHC, FACS and many more.

  • Proteins
Choose from over 7,000 proteins and over 400 active proteins. All of our proteins have been validated for use in ELISAs, WB and IHC-P

  • Biochemicals
We have over 10,000 biochemicals for use in your research.

  • ELISA kits
We have over 2,000 ELISA kits covering many research areas . Each kit comes with a fully detailed protocol and examples of expected results.