Special offer 40% off IHC detection kits

Special offer 40% off  IHC detection kits

Offer n°2019-NB23-IHC valid until 31/12/2019*

A complete line of Kits and Reagents for IHC

More than 200 different detection products

ABC detection kits
for detection with HRP and AP

Biotin-Streptavidin HRP or AP systems

High binding biotin-streptavidin technology
Primary antibody detection

mouse, rabbit, goat, armenian hamster, guinea pig, chicken or sheep



Polymer HRP and AP detection kits
for primary antibodies on Human tissues

Primary antibdy detection

Polystain 1-Step
1-step polymer-HRP or AP technology
Biotin free
mouse, rabbit, goat or rat
PolyStain 2-Step
2-step polymer-HRP or AP technology
using bridging antibody to enhance signal
Broad 2 ou Broad 3
PolyStain 2-Step Plus
2-step polymer-HRP or AP technologyusing our newest conjugation technology to enhance signal
mouse, rabbit, goat, rat, armenian hamster, guinea pig, chicken or sheep


Host on Host polymer HRP and AP detection Kits
for detection of antibodies from the same host as tissue

Detecting the species IgG antibodies on the same species tissue

  • Ultra sensitivity with clean background
  • Polymer detection system adsorbed to the identical species serum protein, to obtain superior specificity
  • Biotin free, saving additional blocking step

Human anti-human CK1819

Polymer HRP and AP Double and Triple staining Kits
 for Mouse and Human tissues

For double staining on Human and Mouse tissues

For triple staining on Human and Mouse tissues

  • Biotin free - No cross detection - No overlap in DS protocol
  • Detect 2 or 3 targets proteins on one tissue slide
  • Several kits available with different choice of 2 or 3 chromogens
  • Staining color combination of red, brown, black, blue or green with hematoxylin counterstain

triple staining
* Offer valid on all Neo Biotech products beginning with NB-23. Offer not compatible with other offers and promotions