Special offer 20 % off NEW Watchmaker RNA Kits

Special offer 20 % off NEW Watchmaker RNA Kits

Offer n°2023-Genomics, valid until 31/01/2023

RNA Library prep solutions

Sensitivity meets speed - The easily automated workflow saves time and reduces consumable use by incorporating fewer cleanup and handling steps. Performance with low-input and degraded samples is improved by the incorporation of a novel, engineered reverse.

We offer:

  • A solution designed with FFPE samples in mind
  • Improved sensitivity with low-input samples, and an easily automated workflow saves time and  reduces the use of consumables by incorporating fewer cleaning and handling steps
  • Performance with degraded and low flow samples is improved by incorporating a new reverse transcriptase


The highly streamlined Polaris Depletion module depletes highly abundant rRNA and globin transcripts in human, mouse, and rat samples, providing improved coverage of biologically interesting transcripts, including long non-coding RNAs.

Product applications:


Watchmaker RNA Library Prep Kits deliver stranded, high-complexity RNA-seq libraries in under 3.5 hours with inputs ranging from 0.25 to 100 ng total RNA.

Key Features and Benefits:


Product Reference

Watchmaker RNA Libray Prep Kit 

7K70078-024 / 7K70078-096

Polaris depletion Kit rRNA/Globin (HMR)

 7K0077-024 / 7K0077-096