Small price and fast results with our "one-step" ELISA kits

Small price and fast results with our

20% OFF 96 test kits
Offer n°2022-QUICKEY* Valid until 15/03/2022

QuicKey Pro is an ELISA kit that would only require one step of washing, and one step of sample addition, the whole experiment takes only 90 minutes. Compared with the traditional ELISA Kit, the operation time can be reduced by 1-2 hour, which is of great help to the experiment efficiency.

Why choose QuicKey Pro ELISA Kit ?

Shorter experiment time
Easier experiment process
Superior product performance
More convenient storage

A new vision of ELISA Kits

Operation time : 1,5h
Sample volume : 50µL
Operation Steps : 1 step
Storage : 4°C
Methods : Sandwich/Competitive method

*Offer valid only on 96 tests