Get a FREE LED Illuminator !

Get a FREE LED Illuminator !

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GelGreen Nucleic acid gel stain

  • Ultra-sensitive: More sensitive than EtBr and SYBR® Safe
  • Extremely stable: Available in water, stable at room temperature for long-term storage and microwavable
  • Simple to use: Very simple procedures for precast or post-electrophoresis gel staining
  • Environmentally safe : Non mutagenic and non cytotoxic, as shown by Ames test.
  • Compatible with a standard UV transilluminator or a gel reader with visible light excitation: Replaces SYBR® or GelStar® with no optical setting change
  • Compatible with downstream applications: Compatible with gel purification, restriction digest, sequencing and cloning.

GelGreen is a sensitive, stable and environmentally safe green fluorescent nucleic acid dye designed to stain either dsDNA, ssDNA or RNA in agarose gels.
GelGreen is far more sensitive than SYBR Safe. Unlike SYBR® dyes which are known to be unstable, GelGreen is very stable, both hydrolytically and thermally. GelGreen is compatible with either a 254 nm UV transilluminator or a gel reader equipped with visible light excitation(such as blue LED light box, 488 nm laser-based gel scanner, or Dark Reader®).

NEB low molecular weight ladder was separated on a 10% acylamide TBE gel and stained with 1X PAGE GelGreen (right) in water for 30 minutes.

Buy 20 vials (500µl) of GelGreen and get a LED Gel illuminator for free !


Product code
GelGreen Nucleic Acid Stain, 10.000x in water
500 ul
Gel-Bright LED Gel Illuminator
1 unit

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