Even small RNAs can be sequenced !!!

Even small RNAs can be sequenced !!!

New generation of reverse transcriptasefor RNA-Seq

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TGIRT® III enzyme is a new generation of reverse transcriptase with several advantages :

  • Simultaneously reverse transcribing and adding an RNA-Seq adapter to RNAs of all sizes and structures
  • Less biased manner than other methods
  • Make it possible to obtain full-length reads of tRNAs and other structured non-coding RNAs

2 different variations of the method

  • One for RNA-Seq of small RNAs : PAGE-purified cDNAs of selected sizes are circularized with CircLigaseII
  • The other for RNA-Seq of total RNAs of all size classes

Available in 2 formats : enzyme alone and kit

Product code
10 µl
50 µl
5x50 µl
10x50 µl
25 rxns

**TGIRT Kit contents (10 reactions or 25 reactions):
  • TGIRT®-III enzyme, 1 x 10 µl (KTGIRT-10) or 3 x 10 µl (KTGIRT-25)
  • 10X Primer mix, 50 µl (PM-110)
  • 10 x DTT, 50 µl (D-121)
  • 5 x Reaction Buffer, 100 µl (RX-120)