Add a physioloical 3rd dimension to your culture !

Add a physioloical 3rd dimension to your culture !

Try Biomimesys - A natural hydroscaffold for 3D culture - 30% off

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To better mimic the tissue microenvironment and provide more predictive tools for drug development

BIOMIMESYS® hydroscaffold 3D is the only technology based Hyaluronic Acid  (HA) and extracellular matrix compound ready to use.

BIOMIMESYS®  is physiological

BIOMIMESYS® hydrascaffold is made of RGDS and galactosamine-grafted Hyaluronic acid, Adipic acid dihydrazide crosslinker and extracellular (ECM) proteins (collagen type I and collagen type IV) to mimic different ECM compositions.

BIOMIMESYS®Liver (on the left) and ECM from decellularized liver (on the right)

BIOMIMESYS®  is ready-to-use 

  • Available in a ready-to-use format (96 well plates) it anables the culture of hepatocyes, adipocytes and cancer cells under physiological conditions that are representative of the microenvironment found in tissue.
  • Cells are simply seeded on top of the hydroscaffold and placed in the incubator
  • The media can be refreshed easily by pipetting.

Formation of canaliculi network with Actin and MRP2 colocalization

BIOMIMESYS®  is compatible with all analitical technologies

TRANSPARENT : Microscopy and plate reader

POROUS : PCR, Western Blot, ELISA

BIODEGRADABLE : Flow cytometry

SOLID : Histology and in vivo transplantation