NeoLine UV - Pipette carousel with UV-C lamp

NeoLine UV - Pipette carousel with UV-C lamp

Store, protect and disinfect your pipettes
Wheter you lab is focused on cell culture, microbiology, molecular studies or PCR, you use extra care to prevent DNA and microorganisms contamination. But even though you use gloves, sterile plastics and take all the proper precautions, your pipettes are used over and over, often by multiple technicians, and can easily become carriers of stray DNA, mycoplasma or other contaminants. The NeoLine UV Pipette carousel can help. This new pipette stand is the first of its kind, utilizing a germicidal UV lamp, which serves to disinfect and decontaminate your pipettes in 28 minute cycle.

Protect sensitive assays and cell lines
The NeoLine UV Pipette Carousel directs and concentrates 254nm UV radiation around the entire pipette shaft to eliminate surface contamination not sufficiently controlled by filter tips. NeoLine UV is the only pipette stand to bathe the pipette shaft in microorganism killing, DNA-destroying UV-C. It provides 360° coverage, exposing the entire shaft to lamp's effects.

Simple, One-Step Decontamination
To disinfect pipettes, simply place them in the NeoLine UV Pipette Carousel and press the button to strat the Auto-Decontamination cycle. The preset timer activates the lamp for 28 minutes, the lenght of time shown to reduce biological contaminants, including DNA, mycoplasma, bacteria, fungi and viruses, by up to 99%. There is no need to disassemble or recalibrate pipettes after cleaning and no waiting for them to cool before using.

Fast and economical
With no toxic decontamination or cleaning solutions to buy and virtually zero time spendt on disassembling and soaking/wiping pipette parts, NeoLine UV Pipette Carousel is truly economical. When you have finished using a pipette, just place it in the stand and press the button to activate the Auto-Decontamination cycle. The next time you reach for a pipette, it is already decontaminated and ready for the next experiment.

Accepts all pipette brands
NeoLine UV is a truly universal pipette organization stand. The six pipette holsters in the NeoLine UV Pipette Carousel have been engineered to securely hold all brands of single channel pipettes. Just like traditional pipette carousels, the NeoLine UV stand rotates for quick, easy access to all positions.

The enclosed housing odf the NeoLine UV Pipette Carousel rotates freely and contains a 360° reflective mirror with a central 254 nm lamp that, when activated, expose the entire shaft of each pipette to UV radiation in order to eliminate microorganisms and stray DNA. Tests show that up to 99% of nucleic acid and microbiological contaminants are inactivated or destroyed after a single auto-decontamination cycle.


Cat number : NB-12-7001
Capacity : 6 single-channel pipettes, universal holsters fit all brands
Lamp : 254 nm, UV-C, non-ozone, 450 micro watts, 2000 hrs
Cycle time : Fixed, 28 minutes
Housing : UV resistant polycarbonate
Reflector : Mirrored, aluminium coated, polyester film
Dimensions : 17 cm diameter, 33 cm tall
Electrical : 100V to 240V, 50/60 Hz, 1A