Advanced media : Less serum - Same Quality !

Advanced media : Less serum - Same Quality !

Reduces FBS supplementation by up to 90%

A step into the Right Direction

Researchers working with mammalian cell cultures, traditionally add 10 to 20% animal serum to standard media formulations in order to provide their cells with sufficient nutrients. The rough alternative to this would be a serum-free medium, which is sometimes not applicable.

We want to provide alternatives and are constantly looking for new cell culture innovations. In this way, we keep the known & qualified and make your experiments more defined, to take a step into the right direction. 

Unfortunately, eliminating serum content completely, often causes problems in many applications, as it leads to poorer growth characteristics and altered cell morphology. However, by optimizing the formulations, the serum content can be reduced considerably. We have implemented this in our improved formulations of the standard media DMEM and RPMI 1640.

  • The media are based on the composition of the classic media DMEM and RPMI 1640, supplemented with high-quality components such as insulin, transferrin and trace elements.
  • This improved formulation reduces the dependence of your cells on the growth properties of the serum. As a result, your serum content can be drastically reduced, allowing for more defined experiments.

  • The media can easily replace the classic RPMI and DMEM variants
  • Cultivation of many mammalian cell types
  • Mostly no adaptation required
  • Reduce concentration of FBS up to 1% depending on cell line
  • The Advanced Media are produced without L-Glutamine and HEPES
  • Reduces FBS supplementation by up to 90%
  • Progress towards greater animal welfare
  • More reproducible results and control
  • Minimizes the influence of animal components on cell culture


DMEM Advanced and RPMI 1640 Advanced with 1% FBS supplementation were analyzed for cell growth and compared to the classic DMEM and RPMI 1640 media with 10% FBS and another serum-reduced medium from a competitor.

For this purpose, two different cell lines were seeded in each of the different DMEM and RPMI 1640 media. The cells were cultured without adaptation for 3 passages at 37°C and analyzed daily for cell density and morphology. The data represent the average cell number determined after the last passage.

With the use of our Advanced Media, the serum content in the tested cell lines can be reduced without loss of performance. In some cases, even better growth could be observed due to the optimized formulation.