Antibodies for pathology

Antibodies for pathology

Try our new p16 antibody
CE/IVD mouse monoclonal antibody

Histone H3 K27M in Gliomas
Rabbit monoclonal antibody anti-H3K27M Histone - Specific marker for glioma

Classification of diffuse gliomas
IHC for ATRX and IDH1 R132H

Anti-PDL1 antibody
Monclonal rabbit antibody for diagnostic use

Osteosarcoma - Histone H3.3 G34W : New published marker and antibodies
H3.3 G34W : Marker for osteosarcoma Published rabbit monoclonal antibody

Anti-C-erbB-2 Rabbit monoclonal antibody
Antibody specific to Pro1233 - Pro1254 area of human C-erbB-2