Warthin-Starry stain - Special stains for microbiology

Warthin-Starry stain - Special stains for microbiology

Warthin - Starry stain is a stain based on silver nitrate used in histology. This type of stain is commonly called silver staining.
Warthin - Starry stain is used for the visualization of spirochetes but also for the detection of Helicobacter pylori and microsperediates. This stain is also used to confirm the presence of Bartonella henselae, the microorganism responsible for cat scratch disease.
This stain is based on an argyrophilic reaction. Spirochetes are argyrophilic, that is to say they absorb the silver contained in a solution, but it is necessary to add a reducing agent in the solution to reduce the silver absorbed silver which will form silver. deposits and thus a coloring.
Here are some examples of stains obtained with the Warthin - Starry stain:
  • Spirochetes: Black
  • Helicobacter pylori: Black
  • Klebsiella: Brown - Black
  • Cores: Brown
  • Background: Golden yellow

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