Swab DNA extraction is a widely used method for the non-invasive collection and isolation of DNA from skin or mucous membrane surfaces. The technique involves the use of swabs to collect DNA, followed by lysis of the cells and purification of the DNA using spin columns or magnetic beads.

In medical applications, swab DNA extraction is an essential tool for genetic testing and diagnosis of diseases. For example, swab DNA extraction is used to diagnose genetic disorders and to screen for genetic predispositions to diseases. The collected DNA can be used to perform PCR amplification, DNA sequencing, or genotyping to identify genetic mutations or variants.

In research, swab DNA extraction is used to study genetic variation and evolution. For example, researchers use swab DNA extraction to collect genetic samples from animals or plants to study their genetics, population structure, and phylogenetics. Swab DNA extraction is also used to study the genetic diversity of microorganisms in the environment.

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