OncoMiD-Via® media for primary tumor cells

OncoMiD-Via® media for primary tumor cells


The specific transport media of the OncoMiD-Via® series have been specially developed to safely transport fresh tumour samples. It is crucial to maintain excellent viability of the cells contained in tumour samples during transport from the health care facility to the laboratory. To this end, Oncomedics has developed a series of cell type specific transport media that allow primary human tumour cells to remain viable for up to 48 hours post-surgery. OncoMiD-Via® media have been validated for the transport of:

  • Breast tumours

/upload/1-4wjcxa.png Cat# Description  Cond.

8 OMVIA2-Breast

OncoMid-Via for breast medium for transport of breast tumour samples

23 OMVIA2-Breast 23vials 



  • Colon/rectum tumours

/upload/2-tjyfds.png Cat# Description  Cond.

OncoMid-Via for colon medium for transport of colorectal tumour samples

23 OMVIA2 23vials 



  • Prostate tumours

/upload/3-hezweh.png Cat# Description  Cond.
8 OMVIA2-Prostate

OncoMid-Via for Prostate medium for transport of Prostate tumour samples

23 OMVIA2-Prostate 23vials 



  • Glyoblastoma tumours

/upload/4-6qhqr9.png Cat# Description  Cond.
8 OMVIA2-Glyoblastoma

OncoMid-Via for Glyoblastoma medium for transport of Glyoblastoma tumour samples

23 OMVIA2-Glyoblastoma 23vials 



  • Lung tumours

/upload/5-pbhwyy.png Cat# Description  Cond.
8 OMVIA2-Lung

OncoMid-Via for lung medium for transport of Lung tumour samples

23 OMVIA2-Lung 23vials 



  • Ovarian tumours

/upload/6-yvcmbf.png Cat# Description  Cond.
8 OMVIA2-Ovary

OncoMid-Via for Ovary medium for transport of Ovary tumour samples

23 OMVIA2-Ovary 23vials 


Storage: 2-8°C

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