Advanced Chemiluminescence Imaging System - Achieve Superior Western Blot Results without Film

Introducing the NeoChemi, an advanced and dedicated chemiluminescence imaging system designed to revolutionize Western blot analysis. Built with the needs of scientists in mind, the NeoChemi offers unparalleled sensitivity and convenience, eliminating the challenges associated with traditional film-based methods.

With its cutting-edge "camera to sample" technology, the NeoChemi provides an exceptional dynamic range that surpasses film-based systems, allowing scientists to visualize picogram or femtogram protein levels with ease and accuracy. Say goodbye to the frustrations and uncertainties of film and embrace the efficiency and reliability of this state-of-the-art imaging system.

Engineered for high performance and automation, the NeoChemi features a high quantum efficiency CCD camera that ensures precise and reliable detection of chemiluminescent signals. By leveraging advanced imaging technology, researchers can confidently capture and analyze Western blot results with utmost precision.

The compact design of the NeoChemi allows for easy integration into any laboratory setup without sacrificing valuable bench space. Its user-friendly interface and seamless compatibility with the GeneSys application-driven image capture software provide scientists with comprehensive control over the imaging process. Furthermore, the system comes complete with unlimited copies of the GeneTools analysis software, empowering researchers to perform in-depth data analysis and interpretation effortlessly.




Dedicated chemi imaging system

  • Small footprint
    More space for your research
  • High quantum efficiency (QE) camera
    Detects your faintest bands
  • Automated chemiluminescent capture
    Perfect exposure without film
  • Cooled camera
    No annoying background noise on your blots
  • Fixed lens controlled by GeneSys software
    One click and you’ll image any manufacturer’s chemical reagents
  • GeneSys application-driven image capture software
    Contains an extensive database of dyes and imaging protocols. All you need to know is the type of blot you’re using and GeneSys automatically selects the optimal lighting and filters to produce the perfect image
  • GeneTools analysis software (unlimited copies)
    Analyse data on your own computer
  • Optimized – for imaging chemiluminescence Western blots
    NeoChemi is configured for maximum sensitivity to ensure even the faintest band on a blot can be captured.
  • Sensitive cooled camera
    The high quantum efficiency cooled CCD camera is very sensitive to low-level light emissions from a blot. The Peltier-cooled camera has exceptional ‘signal-to-noise performance resulting in virtually undetectable background noise. The short ‘camera to sample’ distance further enhances the ability to work with chemiluminescence samples and reagents. When compared to film, the NeoChemi has more than double the dynamic range. This allows for extremely accurate quantification.
  • Small footprint
    The NeoChemi has a very small footprint and takes up minimal bench space. The automatic slide-out drawer allows easy sample handling. The fixed aperture and focus of the lens result in a very simple set-up procedure making image capture as simple as a click of a mouse button.



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