Library quantifcation standards for Illumina®

Library quantifcation standards for Illumina®

Accurate quantitation of the number of molecules in a library is the most critical step in the preparation steps for next-generation sequencing (NGS) to obtain high-quality reading data. Indeed, in order to obtain reliable and quality reading data, it is necessary to use a sufficient quantity of DNA, and in particular for Illumina® sequencing. The use of insufficient DNA will result in low sequencing efficiency and DNA overabundance will increase cluster density and result in poor quality data.

Quantitative PCR is considered to be the most accurate and efficient method of quantification of the library.

In order to quantify the DNA of libraries, it is necessary to use standards. These standards called S1 to S6 have known concentrations in order to make an absolute quantification of the DNA libraries. The standard curve obtained using these standards is used to convert the Cq values ​​of the analyzed libraries into concentrations.

Our range includes standards with different GC rates to allow you to choose the most suitable standards for your DNA libraries for Illumina® sequencing.

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