Hybridization system for in situ hybridization

Hybridization system for in situ hybridization

The Neobrite is a complete programmable, temperature controlled humidifying system which automates slide-based FISH procedures, providing walk-away convenience for clinical and research personnel. The low cost unit accepts a wide range of sample types, is easy to use and reduces ‘hands-on’ time by more than 50% while ensuring the necessary precision and accuracy for your FISH procedures. Up to 12 slides can be simultaneously added and removed whilst two-side heating panels ensure a maintained, uniform temperature.

Features :

1. User Programmable Settings
  • Touch screen allows simple programming which is easy to read
  • 99 User programmable features
  • Four operation modes: denaturation/hybridisation, hybridisation, custom, in-situ PCR
  • Can be used as a fixed temperature slide warmer 
2. Easy to Use
  • Eliminates manual steps and reduces ‘hands-on’ time
  • Slides not need to be fully loaded to maintain temperature accuracy
  • Slide guide keeps slides secure and allows easy removal 
3. More stringent temperature control
  • Rapid temperature ramping with +/- 1°C accuracy
  • Superior temperature uniformity across all slide positions
  • Rapid temperature ramping allows for in-situ PCR reactions to be performed 
4. Superior Humidity Control
Heated lid forms a tight seal to maintain uniform temperature and humidity

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