Direct PCR on animal tissues

Direct PCR on animal tissues

Direct PCR is a technique for amplifying a target sequence directly from a certain number of samples. This technique is used for high-throughput screening, gene detection and genotyping. Compared with normal PCR, direct PCR is faster and easier. In addition, this requires a small amount of sample with greater efficiency and reproducibility.
Direct PCR kits on animal tissues provide all necessary reagents for PCR extraction and amplification. These kits are designed for the direct extraction of genomic DNA from samples using only an extraction buffer, eliminating the need to neutralize the "raw" lysate as well as the problems caused by the repeated opening of the tube during The usual extraction and purification process, such as contamination. They are compatible with different samples such as cultured mammalian cells, saliva, hair, animal tissues and blood.
These kits contain a lysis buffer specific to the treated sample and a PCR mix containing an enzyme capable of amplifying a DNA sequence from an unpurified extract.

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