Analytes to be mixed

Analytes to be mixed

All available AimPlex™ immunoassays are grouped as 12-24 analytes per group.  Each analyte in a group has a unique bead region and can be multiplexed together in any combination.  Analytes in different groups may be multiplexed together if there is no conflicted on the bead regions but may have some cross-reactivity because cross-reactivity of all the assays across different groups was not validated.

Each Single-Plex Kit consists of 1 or more user selectable Analyte Kits, a Basic Kit and a sample matrix specific Diluent Kit.  Each Analyte Kit contains analyte specific Ab conjugated beads, detection antibody(ies) and corresponding antigen standard(s).  The Basic Kit has species-specific detection antibody diluent, reading buffer, wash buffer, Streptavidin-PE (SAPE), filter plate and plate seals.  The Diluent Kit contains sample-type specific Standard Diluent and sample Assay Buffer. 


Group 1 (19-Plex)

  • Eotaxin/CCL11
  • G-CSF/CSF-3
  • GM-CSF/CSF-2
  • IFNgamma
  • IL-1alpha/IL-1F1
  • IL-1beta/IL-1F2
  • IL-2
  • IL-4
  • IL-5
  • IL-6
  • IL-10/CSIF
  • IL-12p70
  • IL-13
  • IL-17A/CTLA-8
  • IP-10/CXCL10
  • GROalpha/KC/CINC1
  • MIP-1alpha/CCL3
  • MIP-2/GRObeta/CINC3
  • TNFalpha

Group 2 (13-Plex)

  • IL-12p40
  • IL-15
  • Leptin
  • MCP-1/JE/CCL2
  • beta-NGF/NGFB
  • SDF-1/CXCL12
  • sICAM-1/sCD54
  • sVCAM-1/sCD106
  • VEGF