Custom service : TARGATT Fast & Site-Specific Transgenic Mice

Custom service : TARGATT Fast & Site-Specific Transgenic Mice

Production of knock-in site-spécific mice in 3 months.

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can create site-specific knock-in mice for you with a turnaround time as fast as 3 months.
Using our novel TARGATT™ system, a gene of interest can be specifically inserted at a well-characterized, transcriptionally-active locus in the mouse genome with guaranteed transgene expression.Tissue-specific and / or ubiquitous expression options are available.

Advantages of TARGATT™ technology:

Site-specific DNA integration (knockin) in transcriptionally-active locus

  • Ensures robust gene expression
  • Eliminates unpredictable phenotypes caused by random integration
  • Allows for proper comparison of different transgenes

Single-copy integration

  • Eliminates repeat-induced gene silencing and genomic instability.

Insertion of intact transgene

  • Avoids broken transgenes with unexpected phenotype

High integration efficiency