Fresh human whole blood collection service

Fresh human whole blood collection service

Collected & delivered to your exact requirements

Can you source fresh whole blood collected exactly how and when you need it ?

The problem

  • Limited collection formats
  • No donor specification choice
  • Samples delivered too long after collection

... . can make whole blood incompatible with your research

Our solution

  • Whole blood samples collected to your exact requirements
  • Delivered at the temperature
  • Within the time frame you require to meet your research needs

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Blood collection

We collect blood from donors aged between 18-60, who have been screened to ensure that it is safe for them to donate, that they are in good health, and not taking medications that might interfere with experiments.

Donors will have given consent for their samples to be used in a wide range of biomedical research applications, including genetic research and that undertaken by commercial organisations.

We are also able to collect samples from specific donors, for example within a certain age range, ethnicity or with a specific blood group. We can collect samples into a wide range of anticoagulant tubes, blood bags and other devices as required.

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