FISH probes: Innovation in genetic detection

FISH probes: Innovation in genetic detection


FISH Probe for

 Advanced Genetic Detection!


We propose a selection of FISH probes, used in diagnosing, monitoring diseases, cancers, visualizing variations in gene/chromosome copy numbers, and identifying rearrangements such as translocationsdeletionsinversions, or amplifications.



  • High-quality, validated according to CE-IVD and ISO 13485 standards.
  • Ready-to-use, stable at room temperature for 18 months
  • Compatible with most fluorescence and image analysis equipment.

Gene Deletion Probes


Gene Amplification Probes


Gene  Fusion Probes


Identify loss of a gene segment in cancer.
Detect excessive copies of genes, common in certain cancers.

Detect fusion of two genes in various cancers.


Mark centromeres, aiding anomaly detection in chromosomes



These products are medical devices.

Please follow the instructions of the manufacturer.