Disinfectants for contamination-free laboratories

Disinfectants for contamination-free laboratories



 Essential: disinfectants for contamination-free lab work



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Biocidal: Spray disinfectant for incubators and sterile cabinets in cell culture area

Effective against bacteria, fungi, spores, and enveloped viruses.
Safeguards cell cultures from microbial and other contaminants.
Active ingredients: Quaternary ammonium compounds with auxiliary components.
Application: Protects surfaces for 2-4 weeks. 
Store at room temperature.
Materials compatibility: Suitable for stainless steel.

AquaClean: Antimicrobial additive for water-soluble heating bath fluids   

Combats microbes, algae, and fungi; prevents inorganic salt precipitation.
Blue indicator; decoloration signals contamination.
Aldehyde- and azide-free.
Application: Add 5 ml to 1 liter of water; renew every 4 weeks or sooner if the blue color fades.
Non-volatile: no airborne contamination.
Store at room temperature, and shield from sunlight.
Compatible with stainless steel, acrylic glass, and aluminum.
Acryl AquaClean: Antimicrobial additive for heating bath fluids 
Active against bacteria, enveloped viruses, algae, and fungi.
Compatible with acrylic glass and aluminum equipment.
Azide- and aldehyde-free formula.
Application: Mix 5ml AquaClean with 1 liter of heating bath fluid. Renew every 4 weeks or sooner if the fluid's blue color fades.
Suitable as an additive in water reservoirs within cell culture incubators.

in 2-3 days


Use biocides carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

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