Discover the answers of our game "Calendar 2019"

Discover the answers of our game

Are you one of the winners of our game?

We thank you for your participation and we hope you enjoyed our game. It is now closed since February 15, 2019.

Then discover now if you are one of the winners.

Below are the correct answers for each month of the year:

  • January : Volvox aureus
  • February : Embryonic stem cells
  • March : Jellyfish
  • April : T Cell lymphocyte
  • May : Cell membrane
  • June : Collagen triple helix molecule
  • July : Influenza virus
  • August : Green algae (Cladophora)
  • September : Staphylococcus aureus
  • October : Bacteriophage virus
  • November : Atom
  • December : Dendritic cell
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                    Winners will be contacted and will receive their gift in the coming weeks.

                    We will propose you next December for the 2020 calendar with a new game and new gifts to win.