Create complex in vitro models with unparalleled ease with our 3-in-1 plates


The 3-in-1 Plate combines spheroid formationECM integrationdrug testing and downstream analysis all in one easy-to-use platform. The insert is perfectly suited for a variety of experiments.

"All in One Platform"

  • Culture spheroids or organoids without removal from the platform.
  • Embed them in an extracellular matrix.
  • Conduct drug testing and downstream analysis.
  • Low spheroid/organoid size variance for consistent results.
  • Each microwell contains only one spheroid/organoid, eliminating inter-model crosstalk.
  • Disturbance-free media changes, minimizing disruption to the spheroids.
  • Low cell requirements reduce the need for cell passage and lower media volumes.
  • Compatible with in situ immunostaining and imaging.
  • Enables in situ IHC analysis without removing the spheroids from the platform.


1. Immunohistochemistry Analysis
The 3-in-1 Plate enables in situ IHC analysis without removing spheroids, utilizing its hydrogel material for dehydration, wax embedding, and slicing. Extended ethanol dehydration ensures water removal.



2.      Co-culture
Cells can be grown together in a variety of ways to study cell-cell interactions, create more in-vivo models, or add structure to a cell line that does not easily form a tight spheroid.


3.  Drug Screening
The 3-in-1 Plate is compatible with both small molecule and large molecule medium throughput drug screening. Simply mix your drug with media to the desired concentration and add it to the Media Reservoir.


4.      Invasion Test

The 3-in-1 Plate measures cell invasion/migration in microchannels. Chemoattractants, inhibitors, and compounds can be added to ECM solutions or media. The ECM/drug combination goes in the Loading Zone, and the drug/media combination goes in the Reservoir.



Streamline your experiments in one platform: The all-in-one 3-in-1 Plate is HERE