• Designed for simple, one-step, and rapid purification of immunoglobulins
  • Traps proteins through covalent binding to prevent sample loss
  • Allows capture of broad source species and IgG subclasses
  • Enables column reusing
  • Compatible with standard liquid chromatography instruments (including ÄKTA™ FPLC's), peristaltic pumps, and syringes.


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NeoTrap Co-IDA FPLC Columns   NeoTrap Ni-NTA FPLC Columns   NeoTrap Protein A FPLC Columns   NeoTrap Protein G FPLC Columns



Cat# Description
NB-19-0074-1ml NeoTrap Protein G FPLC Columns - 1 ml
NB-19-0074-5mL NeoTrap Protein G FPLC Columns - 5 ml
NB-19-0075-1mL NeoTrap Protein A FPLC Column-1ml
NB-19-0075-5mL NeoTrap Protein A FPLC Column-5ml
NB-19-0076-1mL NeoTrap Ni-NTA FPLC Column -1ml
NB-19-0076-5mL NeoTrap Ni-NTA FPLC Column -5ml
NB-19-0077-1mL NeoTrap Co-IDA FPLC Column -1ml
NB-19-0077-5mL NeoTrap Co-IDA FPLC Column -5ml