• The Neo Biotech Gelpure kit (NB-60-0002) purifies DNA fragments from TAE/TBE  agarose gels and PCR products (50 bp to 20 kb) with a recovery rate of 60-90% (depending on fragment size).
  • It uses a silica-gel membrane that selectively adsorbs DNA fragments(<20 μg).
  • The kit's binding buffer includes a pH indicator for assessing optimal DNA binding pH without affecting the purification process.


Storage conditions and reagents preparation

All kit components can be stored at room temperature (20-25 °C) and are stable till the expiry date. Add 48 mL of ethanol to each bottle of Wash Buffer.


System Components

• Binding Buffer - 2 × 30 mL

• Wash Buffer (concentrate) - 12 mL

• Elution Buffer (does not contain EDTA) - 15 mL

• Neo Biotech Spin Columns - 50

• Collection Tubes (2 mL) - 50



For DNA purification from agarose gels, the protocol involves excising the DNA fragment from the gel, dissolving it in the binding buffer, and transferring the mixture to a Neo Biotech spin column. After centrifugation steps, the DNA is eluted using the elution buffer, and the purified DNA can be stored at -20 °C.

For PCR clean-up or DNA purification from enzymatic reactions, the protocol is similar, with the reaction mixture being mixed with the binding buffer and processed using the Neo Biotech spin columns.


Quality control assay

All components of Neo Biotech Gelpure kit are tested following the isolation protocol described above for the purification of DNA fragments from agarose gels and PCR reactions.