62nd annual Meeting of the Italian Cancer Society

November 16-17-18, 2022 - Venice- Italy 


About the Conference: 

The program of the 62nd SIC annual Meeting, entitled “The exciting path from preclinical research to clinical application” will focus on the challenges posed by the rapid development of the precision medicine approaches, including the need for a better understanding of tumor heterogeneity and drug resistance mechanisms, and the ongoing efforts necessary for a better patients stratification for radio-, chemo-, targeted- and immune- therapies, to increase the number of patients with durable clinical responses.

The meeting will be of interest for both preclinical and clinical researchers, working in different areas of cancer research. In light of this broad attendance, we have designed scientific sessions in which most compelling topics will be discussed from different perspectives.

Participants to this CME event will thus have the opportunity to gain new knowledge and discuss several aspects of cancer research, including:

• How particular targeted agents, radiotherapy and immunotherapies have been selected for their use, in patients with advanced cancer.

• How to integrate the use of molecular profiling to select the most appropriate treatment for each patient.

• How to evaluate the role of new emerging drugs and which is the biology underlying their efficacy.

• Which are the main mechanisms of drug resistance and how combination therapies may increase treatment response or durability.

For the first time in Venice, SIC this year will also hold an open session dedicated to survivors, patients, care givers and all stakeholders involved in the cancer care. In an interactive round table, it will be discussed why and how research can impact on cancer prevention, treatment and patients’ quality of life.

The conference will have 6 sessions: 

Session 1: DNA Damage Response to genotoxic lesions from biology to clinical application

Session 2: Targeting tumor microenvironment as anticancer therapy with radio and/or immuno-therapy

Session 3: Activity and inhibition of surface receptors signaling

Session 4: Mechanism and regulation of RNA functions as anticancer therapies

Session 5: Precision Medicine

Session 6: Advances in breast-cancer translational research

We will be present at this event with our stand. Come and visit us to discuss your research, see our product line and understand how the technologies we offer can help you.

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