Cell studies

Cell studies

- NeoLUX viability assay kit  -  

- Measure of intracellular antioxidant activity -  

Type I collagen, rat tail

CellCover – Stabilize your results for DNA, RNA and proteins
Rapid "one-step" stabilisation of biomolecules

Biomimesys® Brain : A natural hydroscaffold for 3D culture of neuronal cells
To better mimic the tissue microenvironment and to permit long term culture of neuronal cells

3D culture scaffold for cancer cells
Cancer cells growing in BIOMIMESYS® Oncology hydrscaffold proliferate and aggregate to form spheroids from the 5th day of culture.

3D culture scaffold for adipocytes
BIOMIMESYS® Adipose tissue provides an inductive microenvironment and permits a complete differentiation of preadipocytes

3D culture scaffold for hepatocytes
BIOMIMESYS® Liver, a 3D cell culture model for maintaining and promoting hepatocytes functions for metabolism and toxicity studies

BIOMIMESYS® : Matrix for physiological 3D culture
BIOMIMESYS® hydroscaffold 3D is the only technology based Hyaluronic Acid  (HA) and extracellular matrix compound ready to use.

Alvetex 3D cell culture systems
Alvetex® is a highly porous polystyrene scaffold designed for 3D cell culture

UltraGro: Boost your MSC culture
 Replace up to 20% FBS with only 5% UltraGROTM