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Thomson's Ultra Yield® system has proven over the last decade to enhance the aeration of E. coli and other microbial cells.

The Ultra Yield® System consists of four components

Ultra Yield® Flasks

Ultra Yield® Flasks are designed to be either single-use or autoclaved up to 3x and feature a unique geometry that enhances gas exchange.


See AirOtop®

AirOtop® Enhanced Seals

AirOtop® Enhanced Seals and Vented Screw Caps feature a 0.2μm hydrophobic gas-permeable resealable barrier providing consistent gas exchange for the duration of your culture.


See Plasmid+®

Plasmid+® Enriched media

Plasmid+® media is an animal origin free enhanced media which provides essential nutrients to help increase your DNA yields.

Bidirectional Transfer Cap

Ultra Yield® BiDirectional Transfer Cap

In addition, when it comes time to harvest flask contents or transfer to larger fermenters Thomson manufactures a single-use Ultra Yield® Bidirectional Transfer Cap for the 1.5L and 2.5L Ultra Yield® Flasks. This aseptic transfer system keeps your process sterile and GMP-compliant.

Key Features
  • 10x increased aeration over standard shake flasks

  • Increased DNA & protein production

  • Fully scalable results

  • Replacement for glass flasks

  • Fits all standard flask clamps

  • Easily adaptable into microbial growth protocols

  • Sterile, autoclavable flasks from 125mL - 2.5L

  • Use with AirOtop® Enhanced Seals or Vented Screw Caps and Plasmid+® media

Thomson is not affiliated with Kuhner or their products


Economical parallel protein expression screening and scale-up in Escherichia coli. Journal of Structural and Functional Genomics2006 Jun;7(2):101-8. Epub 2006 Dec 23.

Effect of flask design on E.coli culture growth and production of recombinant protein. (A) The effect of flask type and growth medium on the observed optical densities of the cultures at A600 following overnight protein expression. Cultures carried out in Fernbach flasks using either LB medium or TB medium are shown, respectively at the front (green) and in the center (orange). Cultures grown in Ultra Yield® flasks in TB medium are shown at the back (blue). (B) The yields of expressed soluble protein (determined by protein assay and recorded as mg protein per liter of expression culture) from the IMAC columns following purification of the twelve polyHis-tagged recombinant proteins, each expressed under the three conditions described in Panel A. Clone locations in Panel B are the same as those in Panel A.


Thomson is not affiliated with Pfizer or its subsidiaries

E. coli when cultured in Thomson Ultra Yield® Flasks show cells going from Log Phase to Transition Phase (as opposed to Stationary Phase) resulting in an increase in microbial OD, overall a more stable pH and a lower acetate level compared to glass flasks.


Thomson is not affiliated with Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) or its subsidiaries

Recommended culture volumes and orbital shaker speeds (a throw of 1″ (2.54cm) is generally used for orbital shaking).

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