Plasmid Miniprep Kit (200 preps)

Cat# 9K-006-0010

Size : 200preps

Brand : Bio Basic

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Phone : +1 850 650 7790

9K Series Plasmid Miniprep Kit
Product Description: Plasmid Miniprep Kit (200 preps): Bio Basic Plasmid DNA Extraction Miniprep Kit is an excellent tool offering a speed and economic method to purify plasmid DNA from bacteria cultures. This technology is based on binding DNA to silica-based membranes in chaotropic salts and washing DNA with specially formulated solutions. Compared with other harmful and time-consuming procedures, such as phenol chloroform extraction and ethanol precipitation, Bio Basic Plasmid DNA Extraction Miniprep Kit shortens the handling time to about 25 min. The high quality plasmid DNA can be used directly for any downstream applications.
Number of Containers: 1
Shipping Conditions: RT
UNSPSC Code: 41105512
UNSPSC Category: Plasmid Purification Kits

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