EZ-10 Spin Column DNA Gel Extraction Kit

Cat# BS354

Size : 100preps

Brand : Bio Basic

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EZ-10 Spin Column DNA Gel Extraction Kit
Storage: 18 to 25C
Product Description: EZ-10 Spin Column DNA Gel Extraction Kit: The EZ-10 Spin Column Kits provide a simple and efficient method for purification of plasmid DNA, extraction of DNA from agarose gels, and purification of DNA from enzymatic reactions such as PCR or restriction enzyme digestions. The DNA is selectively adsorbed in silica gel-based EZ-10 column and other components are washed away. The DNA is then eluted off the column and can be used for any downstream applications. The purification method used in these protocols does not require use of phenol, chloroform, or CsCl. The DNA is purified without an additional step of ethanol precipitation
Features √ Simple, Fast and Efficient √ Preparation of high quality DNA which can be used in any downstream applications such as sequencing, PCR, transformation or restriction digestions √ High Yield and Reproducible √ High Capacity - Up to 10µg of DNA per column
EZ-10 Spin Column Plasmid DNA Minipreps Kit BS413, BS414, BS614, This kit can be used for purification of plasmid DNA from 40bp-40kb EZ-10 Spin Column PCR Products Purification Kit BS363, BS364, BS664 Recovery of 40bp-40kb DNA fragments from reaction solutions EZ-10 Spin Column DNA Gel Extraction Kit BS353, BS354, BS654 Recovery of 40bp-40kb DNA fragments from agarose gels
Total Product Size:
BS353 (50 preps)
BS354 (100 preps)
BS654 (250 preps)
Number of Containers: 1
Shipping Conditions: RT
UNSPSC Code: 41105501
UNSPSC Category: DNA Fragment Purification from Gels

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