ESF AdvanCD™ Chemically Defined Insect Cell Culture Medium

Cat# 54-018-01

Size : 1L

Brand : Expression Systems

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ESF AdvanCD™ is a 100% chemically defined, animal-origin-free, protein-free, serum-free insect cell culture medium that does not contain hydrolysates. This proprietary formula is manufactured exclusively by Expression Systems for exceptional performance while improving the consistency and efficiency of your process. ESF AdvanCD media was developed for robust cell growth in parallel with clonal Sf9 cell lines and also supports the growth of Trichoplusia cell lines.


Suitable for research use or commercial manufacturing, ESF AdvanCD medium is best used in conjunction with adapted Sf9 and TniPRO cell lines available from Expression Systems. Insect cell lines growing in other commercially available serum-free medium may be readily transferred into ESF AdvanCD media without serial adaptation. ESF AdvanCD is not recommended for adherent cell cultures.

ESF AdvanCD Medium:

  • Supports growth of suspension Sf9 cell lines in excess of 35 x 106 cells/ml
  • Enables superior protein expression yields as compared to alternative media formulations
  • Demonstrates high reproducibility and lot-to-lot consistency
  • Supports production of high titer baculovirus stocks with titers greater than 5 x 109 iu/ml
  • Maintains high baculovirus titers with reduced aggregation when coupled with VSA (Virus Stabilization Additive)
  • Supports scalable baculovirus infection and protein expression in Spodoptera and Trichoplusia cell lines
  • Adapted for use with a Sf9 rhabdovirus negative cell line for a fully compliant manufacturing platform
  • Ready-to-use liquid formulation, with no supplementation required

Exceptional Cell Growth of Sf9 Cells in ESF AdvanCD

Sf9 cell growth performance in ESF AF media has traditionally been considered the industry gold standard. Next-generation ESF AdvanCD media outperforms ESF AF in cell growth and viability to boost your productivity.

Increased Expression with Increased Cell Density

Increased culture densities at infection correlate to increased protein expression as measured by quantitative assay (left) and Coomassie (right).

ESF AdvanCD Medium is manufactured by Expression Systems in compliance with 21 CFR 820 cGMP guidelines and produced in a facility that is ISO 13485-certified.

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