Coating Buffer pH 9.6

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Size : 125ml

Brand : CANDOR Bioscience

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Buffer for adsorptive immobilization of proteins and antibodies on plastic surfaces (for example microtiter plates) or other protein binding surfaces

Depending on the protein or the antibody the pH of the Coating Buffer is crucial for efficient immobilization. Select from Coating Buffer pH 7.4 and pH 9.6, as the pH-value can have an influence on the steric structure of proteins or antibodies, thus affecting their immobilization.

For the optimization of the coating procedure of a newly developed immunoasay we strongly recommend testing the two Coating Buffers side by side. Depending on the surface as well as on proteins or antibodies the required incubation time can vary.

Consequently, individual optimization of the incubation procedure is recommended.

10x concentrate
Simply dilute with water!

For general laboratory use

10x concentrate

10x concentrate

10x concentrate

10x concentrate

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