Nonhuman primates (NHP) resemble humans in multiple ways including similarities in genomics,  immunogenetics, and age-related changes in immune function. These characteristics are critical to the establishment of a relevant model in which to conduct preclinical studies to optimize the efficacy and safety of  therapeutic approaches. Importantly, NHPs are vital preclinical models for viruses as viral infections are frequently associated with the same pathologies. Hence, NHPs are immune models to study viral vaccine efficacy and antiviral therapeutic safety and efficacy and to understand aspects of viral pathogenesis. Over numerous preclinical studies for human viral diseases, NHPs have demonstrated to be a beneficial benchmark for investigating human viral infections.MHC Monomers for detecting antigen specific t-cell populations.

Target: SIV
Product Type: Monomer
Size: 500 ug
Application: FCM
Research Area / Disease: Immune Monitoring, Immunology
Class: Class I
Allele: Mamu-A*01
Peptide Sequence: CTPYDINQM
Conjugate: Biotin
Species Reactivity: Rhesus Macaque
Specificity: gag
Storage Temperature: -70°C
Regulatory Statement: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Peptide Sequence: CTPYDINQM


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