Better Bradford Protein Assay Kit

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Size : 1000Assays

Brand : Bio Basic

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Better Bradford Protein Assay Kit (Improved linearity)
Storage: (-15 to -20)C
Product Description: Better Bradford Protein Assay Kit: The Better Bradford Protein Assay Kit is a quick and ready-to-use coomassie-binding, colorimetric method for total protein quantitation. This modification of the well-known Bradford method greatly reduces the tendency of coomassie reagents to give nonlinear response curves by a formulation that substantially improves linearity for a defined range of protein concentration. In addition, the Kit results in significantly less protein-to-protein variation than is observed with other Bradford-type coomassie formulations. When coomassie dye binds protein in an acidic medium, an immediate shift in absorption maximum occurs from 465 nm to 595 nm with a concomitant color change from brown to blue. Performing the assay in either test tube or microplate format is simple: Combine a small amount of protein sample with the assay reagent, mix well, incubate briefly and measure the absorbance at 595 nm. Protein concentrations are estimated by reference to absorbance obtained from a series of standard protein dilutions, which are assayed alongside the unknown samples.
Total Product Size: 1000preps
Individual Container Size: 1000preps
Number of Containers: 1
Refrigeration Requirements: Freezer
Shipping Conditions: ICE
UNSPSC Code: 41116012
UNSPSC Category: Protein Assays

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