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Membrane Protein Crystallization Screen


Storage Conditions: 4-20 C
pH: Varies
Conductance: Varies
Appearance: Clear Solutions
Analytic Crystallizer:

The Analytic Crystallizer kit comprises a two-step method for optimal crystallization screening of detergent-solubilized integral membrane proteins (IMPs) in a manner independent of detergent identity. The kit includes a solubility prescreen (Optimizer) that is used to determine the appropriate protein concentration for use with the crystallization screen, which is then followed by the 96-condition crystallization screen (Crystallizer). The use of Optimizer allows the experimenter to reduce the amount of crystallization conditions to be screened in the first screening pass and to increase the likelihood of crystallization success. The result of coupling the Optimizer and Crystallizer solutions sets is the assurance that the majority of the crystallization screen solutions will result in supersaturation of the protein without excessive non-crystalline precipitation.


The conditions for Crystallizer have been formulated to avoid redundancy and maximize coverage of crystallization space. Precipitants and salts were mined from the conditions most frequently used in successful membrane protein crystallization experiments, as available in the Membrane Protein Data Bank. Also sampled are six buffers ranging from pH 4.5 to 9.5 and 18 distinct salts.


The formulations provided here have been further tuned to render the screen detergent-independent, meaning that the precipitant and salt concentrations have been selected to minimize phase separation that typically occurs for solutions containing high concentrations of detergents that are typically used to maintain the solubility of membrane proteins. 

Analytic Extractor is a quick start kit that contains detergents commonly used for extraction and/or crystallization of Integral Membrane Proteins (IMPs) from the membranes of both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

Analytic Selector provides a rapid assay for the identification of detergents that maintain the solubility of the integral membrane protein, minimizing aggregation and promoting stability.

Analytic Crystallizer is a unique two-step protocol for membrane protein crystallization, designed to help you reduce the amount of conditions to be screened in the first pass and increase the likelihood of crystallization success.





How does crystallizer compare to other commercially available crystallization screens?

When the formulations of the Crystallizer screen are compared to all other commercially available screens (via the CSIRO C6 server), there is very little overlap, and the conditions of the screen are chemically distinct. Chemically, the closest membrane protein crystallization screen is MemGold2 (Molecular Dimensions) with a score of 0.612. Out of all commercially available screens, the closest screen is PEGsII with a score of 0.531. Screen comparison metrics of 0.3 or less are considered statistically significant meaning the Analytic Crystallizer is chemically unique.

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