30 X Mini GeBAflex-tube, 8 kDa MWCO, floating rack, handbook

Cat# D070-6-30

Size : 30/pack

Brand : Gene Bio-Application

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  • The most convenient sample loading and unloading in the market.
  • Floating rack and supporting trays make high throughput easy.
  • Low cost single use, single step unit; no cleaning or autoclaving.
  • 70% recovery of protein & over 90% recovery of DNA / RNA from PAGE
  • Available in a variety of volume and MWCO options.
  • Guaranteed Ultra Clean; EDTA treated and free of any contaminants.
  • Now available with an Oligo PAGE purification protocol yielding over 90% Oligo recovery rate from PAGE.
* Please note that not all MWCO are available in each size of GeBAflex-tube.


Volume Sizes

Mini: 10-250 μl
Midi: 50-800 μl
Maxi: 0.1-3 ml
Mega: 3-20 ml


Wide range of options
1,000-50,000 MWCO

High Throughput Efficiency

Single floating rack in a single beaker can process up to

63 Mini / 35 Midi / 20 Maxi GeBAflex-tubes

Electro Elution of up to 100 samples simultanioulsy

Recovery Rate

Exceptionally High Molecule Recovery Yield:

DNA or RNA from agarose gel: 80-90%

Oligo, DNA or RNA from PAGE: 80-90%

Protein from SDS-PAGE: 50-70%

Guaranteed Ultra Clean

EDTA treated and free of RNase, DNase, PCR product, sulfur or heavy metal contaminants.

Sterile conditions available for custom orders.

Extended Shelf Life

24 month shelf life at room temperature

(for most models, see storage conditions for more details).

Ease of Use

secure and convenient loading & unloading with standard pipette tip, surpasses any other product in the market!

Single step, single use and low cost.

Reduced human error and contamination – no need for cleaning and autoclaving.

GeBAflex-tube caps option improves dialysis effect

by maximizing liquid surface membrane contact.


Dialysis & Buffer Exchange

High throughput Dialysis or buffer exchange

peptide dialysis small as 10 amino acids

pH and buffer adjustment of sample solution, protein extract or cell extract

Large scale protein dialysis such as antibodies and recombinant protein purification

Sample concentration

virus particles purification

Removal of contaminating micro molecules

Tissue culture extract purification

Removal of salts, surfactants, ethidiumbromide, urea, solvents and detergents

Molecule Extraction

Preparation of protein samples for MALDI-MS.

Complex formation studies (protein-protein, protein-DNA and protein-RNA)

​Extraction of proteins, RNA, DNA or oligos (as small as 15 nt up to over 10kb) from polyacrylamide, agrose or any gel matrix in any running buffer.

Extraction of protein-protein, DNA-protein or RNA-protein complexes.

2D gel dots extraction.

High throughput Electro elution from 1D and 2D gel (supporting tray fits most horizontal electrophoresis units on the market).

Additional Information

Storage Conditions

GeBAflex-tube kit must be stored in a dry place at room temperature (15-25°C). Under these conditions, GeBAflex-tube kit can be stored for up to 24 months without any deterioration in performance and quality. For longer storage time, it is recommended that the GeBAflex-tube kit be stored in a cool place (refrigerator), at relative humidity of 35% at least. GeBAflex Tubes with MWCO of 1,000 / 25,000 / 50,000 are delivered wet and must be stored at 4°C.

Product Use Limitations

GeBAflex-tube kit is developed, designed and sold for research purposes only. It is not to be used for human diagnostic purposes or drug production nor for producing any substance intended to be administered to humans unless expressly cleared for that purpose by the Food and Drug Administration in the USA or the appropriate regulatory authorities in the country of use. All due care and attention should be exercised in the handling of materials described in this text.

Quality Control

The performance of GeBAflex-tube kit is regularly monitored. GeBAflex-tube kit is tested by using it for extraction of Proteins, DNA and RNA fragments of various sizes from either agarose or polyacrylamide gel. GeBAflex-tube kit is tested also for simple dialysis of salts or buffer exchange. The quality of the isolated Protein, DNA and RNA fragments or of the sample after dialysis is checked by several assays commonly used for proteins, nucleic acids and dialysis. Determining the recovery from a specific amount of loaded sample tests the quality and efficiency of the GeBAflex-tube membrane.

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