UV carousel for micropipettes

UV carousel for micropipettes

To complete the NeoLine range, discover the Universal UV Rack for simple and effective decontamination of all your pipettes.

The NeoLine UV is a pipette holder that not only organizes and protects six pipettes, but also destroys more than 99% of unwanted contamination. The new NeoLine UV uses a germicidal UV-C lamp. A high efficiency reflector/concentrator allows pipette stems to be fully immersed in 254 nm UV light with 360° exposure. This exposure destroys unwanted microbiological contaminants and prevents cross-contamination in your PCR tests and other sensitive procedures.
Simply place single-channel pipettes of any range or brand into the NeoLine UV carousel and press the "start" button to start the self-decontamination cycle. After 28 minutes, the NeoLine UV automatically shuts off, delivering up to 6 pipettes safe, clean and ready for use.

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