Polystyrene 24 well plates for 3D culture - Alvetex Scaffold

Polystyrene 24 well plates for 3D culture - Alvetex Scaffold

The 24-well  plate Alvetex Scaffold format consists of an Alvetex Scaffold free disc and a polystyrene clip in each well of a 24-well plate. The Alvetex Scaffold membrane is a 200 μm thick membrane with pores with a diameter of approximately 42 μm. Which is suitable for most mammalian cells since these measure between 10 and 25 microns and are generally about 0 - 50 microns from another cell or 100 -200 microns from a source of nutrients such as blood vessel.
The clip holds the disc in place during transport and use, and can easily be removed for access to the Alvetex membrane and cells cultured in 3D culture.
The 24-well plate format is a simple presentation of the Alvetex Scaffold technology. This format is mainly adapted to short-term culture experiments where the medium is replaced every 1 to 2 days.

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