NeoChemi FL Pix 6/9

NeoChemi FL Pix 6/9

Enhance your protein detection capabilities on Western blots with the Walk Away Western Blot Imaging system.

This advanced imaging solution liberates your laboratory from being restricted by a single detection method. Whether you require ultra-sensitive detection of minute picogram or femtogram quantities using chemiluminescence, or the ability to quantify and detect multiple proteins on a single blot through fluorescence, the NeoChemi FL Pix 6/Pix9 F0.8 boldly delivers.

Powered by Syngene's innovative GeneSys software, which boasts an extensive library of imaging protocols, this system empowers you to select chemiluminescence and fluorescence reagents from any manufacturer, allowing you complete control over your protein detection methods.

Notably, the NeoChemi FL Pix 6/Pix9 F0.8 features an extended darkroom and provides the choice between a 6 or 9-megapixel, cooled, high-quantum efficiency camera. This configuration ensures unparalleled sensitivity while minimizing background interference.

Moreover, the system offers HI-LED lighting options encompassing the entire spectrum of high-intensity blue, green, red, and infrared wavelengths. These lighting options result in accelerated exposure times and deliver images of publication quality. Additionally, an edge lighting option is available for capturing 2D gels, including the utilization of DIGE gels.

The GeneSys application-driven image capture software serves as the control center for this system, seamlessly integrating its functionalities. Furthermore, the package includes unlimited copies of GeneTools analysis software, providing comprehensive analysis tools for your research needs.



Gel imaging for fluorescence and chemiluminescence

  • High quantum efficiency (QE) camera
    For unrivaled levels of sensitivity
  • Fast chemiluminescence detection
    Walk-away image capture without film
  • Motor-driven lens and filter wheel
    Easy to use, fully automated setup
  • IR and RGB HI-LED lighting options
    Multiplex fluorescence and protein quantification
  • Stain-free imaging capability
    Capture images of stain-free acrylamide gels and many more
  • Edge lighting option
    2D and multiplex in-gel fluorescence DIGE image capture
  • White, UV, and blue lighting options
    Capture all types of gel and blot images with one system
  • Extended darkroom with motor-driven stage
    Easily image large gels and blots
  • GeneSys application-driven image capture software
    Contains an extensive database of dyes and imaging protocols. All you need to know is the type of gel you’re using and GeneSys automatically selects the optimal lighting and filters to produce the perfect image
  • GeneTools analysis software (unlimited copies)
    Analyse data on your own computer




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