Measurement of Antioxidant activity

Measurement of Antioxidant activity

Antioxidants, highly prized compounds, are of great interest to various industries involved in health preservation such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and agro-foods. These substances, encompassing a vast array including over 5,000 members within the polyphenol family alone, combat oxidative stress by reducing free radical concentrations through diverse mechanisms that influence cellular redox status.

Despite their acknowledged value, comprehending the effects of antioxidants at the cellular level remains a formidable scientific challenge, with only partial elucidation of their interaction with oxidative stress in the human body.

Furthermore, traditional chemical assays like ORAC, TRAP, FRAP, TEAC, and FOX, which have been utilized for decades, lack the ability to provide insights into the physiological roles of antioxidants. These methods have faced criticism over the years and are strongly discouraged by prominent health regulatory bodies both in Europe and in the United States.

the study of antioxidant effects on live cell models currently represents the most advanced approach for demonstrating antioxidant physiological effects.

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