Hamster Genomic DNA

Hamster Genomic DNA


The DNA residing in the chromosomes inside the nucleus, with all the biological information to be passed on to the next generation, is called genomic DNA (gDNA). The words "genome" and "genomic" come from the word "gene". A gene is a set of codons that specify a specific protein chain, along with the associated start and stop codons. The word "genome" is an extension of this concept and refers to the set of genes and other information contained in the nucleus of an organism's cells. Often, when the word "DNA" is used without further specification, it refers to gDNA.
We offer a wide range of genomic DNA samples. Genomic DNA comes from unique sources, including hundreds of healthy and diseased organ tissues from humans, animals and plants. Genomic DNA has applications ranging from SNP analysis, methylation studies, copy number variation (CNV) analysis, comparative genomic hybridisation (CGH), Southern Blotting, next generation sequencing and PCR.


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