Flasks and Accessories for Mammalian / Insect Cells

Flasks and Accessories for Mammalian / Insect Cells

This range is dedicated to flasks and accessories for insect and mammalian cells, with a particular focus on the distinct advantages of the patented Optimum Growth flasks.
Optimum Growth: A Revolution in Cell Culture
The advantages of Optimum Growth flasks, supported by innovative patents, are based on a simple mixing principle and a high oxygen transfer rate, making it easier to achieve higher cell densities. The patented baffle design and gas-permeable cap promote increased aeration, creating an environment conducive to cell growth.
Extensive innovation: More than just vials
Our innovation is not limited to bottles. We have worked with our customers to optimise the footprint of flasks, maximising space in commonly used cell culture incubators. Our range of complementary products, designed to work in conjunction with Optimum Growth flasks, includes lids and ports for the sterile transfer of fluids. These products support modern cell culture processes, facilitating sampling over time and batch flows.

Key features :

  • Caps designed for high aeration and low resistance.
  • Similar footprint to comparable Fernbach bottles, minimising incubator clutter.
  • Less foaming than comparable Fernbach bottles.
  • Transfer cap options for direct connection to cell bags and bioreactors.
  • Vented cap with 0.2 µm pores for a sterile environment.
  • Individually packaged and sterilised to ensure quality.

Cell Culture Accessories :

Explore our range of accessories, including low-cost Erlenmeyer flasks and flasks specifically designed for insect and mammalian cell culture.
Discover a new era in cell culture with Thomson - where innovation meets your needs, and every product helps to optimise your processes.