Developing Innovative, Reliable Research Tools for the Post-Genomic Age

RayBiotech's mission is to provide cutting-edge array technologies for the discovery of disease-related protein biomarkers and key factors, the identification of new drug targets, and the advancement of personalized medicine.

Serving the Research Community

Following the completion of the human genome sequence, researchers have been able to analyze the expression of a myriad of disease-related genes; however, many diseases result from abnormal protein expression, post-translational modification, or interaction with other biomolecules. Thus, an understanding of disease states cannot be obtained from genomic research alone. Ultimately, efficient, high-throughput protein analysis offers the most promising approach to understanding and treating disease. 

In 2001, RayBiotech addressed this need by introducing the first commercially available cytokine antibody array. Since then, product lines have expanded to include hundreds of arrays and immunoassays for efficient analysis of proteins involved in inflammation, angiogenesis, apoptosis, cell growth, and signal transduction. RayBiotech's comprehensive service programs include Array Testing Services, Biomarker Discovery, Peptoid Discovery, and Custom Assay Development.

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